Enterprise Development

The importance of SMEs cannot be overstated, as they are responsible for nearly ninety percent of all business activity and job creation across the MENA region. Our Enterprise Development Program strengthens the competitiveness of private sector companies through reliable market access and stronger cross-border linkages. Our goal is to facilitate the development of enterprises that are not only market-ready but market conscious. 

Supporting enterprises owned by marginalized women and youth is a priority at MC, as we believe that strengthening their business activities via participation in capacity-building programs and access to strategic partnerships and value chains will lead to positive economic outcomes. We also work to help SMEs enhance their operational capacities in many ways, this includes:

-    Develop strategies to help enterprises learn how to scale to targeted markets and impact local communities.
-    Explore how businesses can increase their contribution to the SDGs. 
-    Help businesses advance gender equality across the value chain. 
-    Engage with SMEs exporting to frontier markets, and explore how large businesses can strengthen small business eco-systems in frontier markets.
-    Further develop the capacity of businesses to accelerate career opportunities for entry-level workers to ensure the future of work is resilient and inclusive.
-    Develop strategies that reflect on how businesses can sustainably support youth employability.
-    Collaborate with key players across the region’s private sector to unlock investment opportunities needed to deliver the SDGs in challenging locations.