Who we are

We are reducing barriers and fostering dynamic cross-border collaborations by enhancing the technical competencies of emerging professionals, innovators, and young changemakers to create a more equitable and resilient socioeconomic future for all across the MENA region.

- How can barriers be reduced or eliminated to bring an effective, efficient, and dynamic collaboration mechanism between different stakeholders? 
- How can the business sector in MENA region make a difference in increasing youth entrepreneurship and employment?
- How can technology be used to bring economic opportunities to more young people in the MENA region? 
- How can technology empower SMEs, NGOs, philanthropists and donors to effectively collaborate in order to support youth entrepreneurship and employment?
MENACatalyst (MC) is an impact-driven nonprofit with the vision of creating the conditions necessary for the marginalized to rise up and become leaders of positive social impact and effect lasting economic growth across the MENA region.
To fulfil our mission, our multifaceted integrated approach includes a range of interconnected programs that empower our communities with the tools, resources, in-demand skills, and networks of support needed to overcome structural inequalities and catalyze far-reaching systemic change.
All our programs incorporate the Market Systems Development (MSD) Approach which has proven to be an effective tool that fosters resilient local and regional economic ecosystem development by tapping into the resources of the private sector to generate inclusive market-based opportunities in which no one is left behind.
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