MENACatalyst also addresses several cross-cutting issues, which include the following:

Stimulate Innovation: To foster a more market-ready economic ecosystem, we provide an array of support services to small and medium enterprises, business incubators, innovation hubs, and emerging founders establishing small businesses.

Trade Facilitation: We work with key players within the public and private sectors to develop policies conducive to more streamlined trade processes and operations, facilitating the efficient movement of goods across borders. Our goal is to improve production inputs in developing and post-conflict countries and facilitate access to regional and global value chains needed to spur regional and international trade and create resilient economies.

Women’s Economic Empowerment and Gender Inclusivity: We empower women with the support needed to overcome structural disparities and access the resources and networks of support needed to become economically self-sufficient.

Policy Advocacy: We deliver research-based interventions in conjunction with local stakeholders across the public and private sectors. We deliver impactful interventions by working with stakeholders to advocate for effective policy change in multiple sectors, including Market Access, SME development, digital education, and incentives that allow marginalized economic actors to become part of the development process.

Value Chain: Value chains in developing and post-conflict economies across the MENA region are far too often under-developed and inaccessible to marginalized groups, especially women and youth. To strengthen ecosystem actors and make value chains work more inclusively and sustainably for the poor, we are fostering new and existing linkages between companies of all sizes to collaborate on economic projects inside and outside the MENA region. 

Our efforts also extend to supporting the establishment of cooperatives that service marginalized producers along the value chain, especially those that lack the practical business skills and access to the networks of support needed to compete in local and regional markets.

Green Growth & Circular Economy: We help emerging MENA economies sustainably utilize their limited productive resources to build resilient economies via the promotion of eco-innovations.

Outreach: We offer organizations the opportunity to improve their visibility in targeted markets by connecting with our experienced content creators to expand their outreach and keep their respective communities informed and engaged. 

Sustainable Mobility: We support innovative approaches that address the sustainable use of alternative energy to fuel transport systems. We also promote smart logistics and mobility solutions to curb high poverty rates amongst some of the most marginalized communities by improving their access to market opportunities on a local or regional scale.