Diaspora Angel Investors and Mentors Network (DAIMN)

  • Status:
  • Countries:
  • Funding:
    700,000 USD
  • Focus Area:
    Enterprise Development
  • Start date:
  • End date:
  • Partners and Donors:
    Taawon, KOICA

About the Project:
The project created a gateway for Palestinian diaspora members to become active participants in the local startup ecosystem. Likewise, for local entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and partner with the Palestinian diaspora for market access, investment and mentorship opportunities.

Target Audience:
Emerging Palestinian self-starters, established startup founders, and business enablers, industry partners, investors, and entrepreneurs from Palestine’s expansive diaspora community. 

The project utilized a range of tools to bridge the gap between Palestine’s expansive diaspora community and local self-starters and startup founders.  This included sharing startup stories to the diaspora to help raise awareness about the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. An expansive mentorship network was utilized to help self-starters and startup founders hone in on their skills and learn what it takes to develop a strategic business plan, and how to integrate into regional and international markets. Mentors also guided participants through the process of developing investor worthy pitch decks. Pitch competitions were then organized to help project participants get ready for real world investor networking opportunities via a series of global DEMO events.  


  • Established Palestine’s first ever diaspora networking and access community that encompassing 100 business enablers, industry partners, investors, mentors, and entrepreneurs from around the globe.
  • Shared over 40 startup stories with our diaspora community to help raise awareness about Palestine’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem and create connections.
  • Organized a series of entrepreneurial pitch events.
  • Organized five regional and international demo events in Jordan, the UAE, the UK, the US, and Chile. 
  • Published one study exploring the potential of diaspora investments and market access opportunities.


  • Decent Work And Economic Growth
  • Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure
Project Timeline
  • 2018-01-01 - 2018-02-01
    Application Process
  • 2018-02-01 - 2018-04-01
    Identification of Palestinian startups
  • 2018-04-01 - 2018-06-01
    Interview startup founders and emerging self-starters
  • 2018-06-01 - 2018-08-01
    Storytelling for social good
  • 2018-08-01 - 2018-10-01
    Mentorship and capacity building
  • 2018-10-01 - 2018-11-01
    Network access
  • 2018-11-01 - 2019-01-01
    Market access
  • 2019-01-01 - 2019-03-01
    Pitch deck development and pitching
  • 2019-03-01 - 2019-05-01
    Local pitch competitions
  • 2019-05-01 - 2019-09-01
    International and regional DEMO events
Project Facts
Project Components
  • Diaspora Network and Startup Storytelling
    Our diaspora community is a committed group of business enablers and investors working to support Palestinian innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Mentorship
    Our community of startups were connected to our leading network of mentors from across the globe.
  • Pitching
    Local startups pitched for the opportunity to travel the globe and network with world-class business enablers and investors.
  • International and regional DEMO events
    Startups traveled the globe and pitched to investors and business enablers, followed by networking opportunities
Partners and Donors