In Conversation with Mohammad Ashour Founder of ASH Esports

In Conversation with Mohammad Ashour Founder of ASH Esports
15 Jul 2021
In Conversation with Mohammad Ashour Founder of ASH Esports

MENACatalyst caught up with Self-Employment in a Digital Age Graduate Mohammad Ashour to gain insight on how the program has impacted his long-term professional prospects more about the launch of his latest project ASH Esports. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and what led you to join MENACatalyst’s digital marketing program?

I am a business administration major, and I studied marketing and e-marketing previously. In Palestine, specialized digital marketing courses are hard to come by because this field is relatively new in the country. When I learned MENACatalyst was launching a program dedicated to digital marketing, I jumped at the chance to join.

What was your experience like joining the program. 

MENACatalyst’s digital marketing program allowed me to participate in many different courses taught by leading industry experts, such as social media marketing, content development, SEO, website development and management, campaign management, and many others. After joining the program, I began to offer digital marketing services, mainly by creating and managing websites for local clients. Ultimately, I was able to develop market-relevant skills and take the first steps towards establishing my own digital marketing venture.

After participating MENACatalyst’s digital marketing program, what type of services do you currently offer and what is your overall goal for the future?

Soon after completing MENACatalyst's digital marketing program, I launched ASH Esports. My venture provides local clients with shopping services, event management, and team management within the realm of esports and gaming. ASH Esports targets all internet consumers in Palestine who are connected to the world of video games. 

My goal is to create the largest social media site dedicated to the world of esports for gamers and enthusiasts across Palestine and the MENA region.