In Conversation with Aram Ragheb Founder of Studio Station

In Conversation with Aram Ragheb Founder of Studio Station
03 Jun 2021
In Conversation with Aram Ragheb Founder of Studio Station

MENACatalyst spoke to Aram Ragheb, a recent graduate of MENACatalyst's, Self-Employment in a Digital Age, to learn how the program impacted her on a professional level and the goals she hopes to achieve with her newfound skills and networks of support.

Can you talk a little bit about what led you to join MENACatalyst’s digital marketing program?

My interest in digital marketing began during my studies which revolved around multimedia technology. I began to explore this field professionally by taking extra courses in digital marketing at my university and through popular e-education sites like Udemy.

A little bit after, I learned about the MENACatalyst digital marketing program and was excited about it because not only would I be able to learn about the different topics within the field, I would also receive mentorship from experts from inside and outside of Palestine and gain the skills and support needed to launch my own digital marketing venture.

After joining the program, I can now create tailor-made WordPress websites and help clients reach new customers by managing their social media accounts. Ultimately, the program allowed me to refine my skills and further explore the vast field of digital marketing on a professional level. I am currently reaching out to potential clients to spread the word and build my brand.   

What are the services that you (Studio Station) currently provide to clients?

Studio Station is a multimedia agency that provides digital marketing, videography and photography services. We are a team of two, I provide photography and videography services, tailor-made advertising campaigns, and my partner Rana Abualrob works on all the design and montage services.  

After participating in MENACatalyst’s digital marketing program and having the great opportunity of further developing our skills and working with mentors to understand different market needs, we have begun to incorporate more specialized digital marketing services to clients. 

What sets Studio Station apart is our focus on introducing local and regional markets with the latest trends in digital marketing to help them embrace the times and reach customers more efficiently. Our services are characterized by high-quality professionalism, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, which is especially important for our clients on a tighter budget.

We currently target SMEs, startups, and companies of all sizes to better tap into local and regional market demand.

How has MENACatalyst’s digital program helped you?

I have participated in several training courses in the field of digital marketing, all provided by MENACatalyst. I also learned from leading industry mentors, which helped tailor my approach to the growing market trends and gain the practical experience I needed to launch my venture.

The mentorship sessions provided me with the opportunity to learn more about the economic ecosystems I was approaching so that I would be able to develop a strategic business plan before launching Studio Station.

My partner and I will also participate in a practical work training opportunity with a local online e-shop Max Electronics. The short-term training will allow us to apply the digital marketing techniques that we learned, and help the e-shop manage their social media pages via customer reach and engagement, paid ads, page analytics, content creation, and photography.

During the program, I really felt like I became part of a community of digital marketers from inside and outside of Palestine. I am now excited to take the next step with Studio Station and grasp new opportunities on a regional scale.