Eman Dweik Founder of Rouh Studio

Eman Dweik Founder of Rouh Studio
06 May 2021
Eman Dweik Founder of Rouh Studio

With a background in communications and electronic marketing, and extensive experience working in this field, Eman Dweik was ready to take the next step in her professional career and start her own digital marketing business to provide top-tier services to local organizations of all sizes. 

However, starting a new business is no easy feat for aspiring self-starters like Eman, which makes personal growth and skills development support programs an indispensable resource for young Palestinians attempting to capitalize on new market trends and opportunities. During this time, MENACatalyst had launched Self-Employment in a Digital Age, commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, aimed at introducing aspiring digital marketers with the acumen and networks of support needed to launch market ready virtual ventures. 

The program couldn’t have arrived sooner for Eman, who was eager to learn from leading business enablers and industry experts what it takes to launch a successful and scalable digital marketing business. “The courses I participated in allowed me to build my technical, artistic, and personal skills needed to understand how to develop my project and approach the market. Beyond this, the courses and mentorship I received helped me grow as an entrepreneur and connected me with networks of support that were previously inaccessible to me,” says Eman. 

After participating in MENACatalyst’s integrated support program, Eman was able to realize her professional goals and launch Rouh Studio. The studio specializes in videography, photography, and promotional content on both the individual and corporate level and provides social media management to private companies. 

What sets Rouh Studio apart is the level of professionalism and efficiency which keeps clients coming back, as videos are shot and produced within two hours of filming and delivered the same day. Since its launch, Eman has had to work to keep up with demand and has since contracted the services of an additional five digital marketers whose expertise includes photography, videography, and graphic design. As a social media developer and manager, Eman provides her services to six clients, including Doctor Lama’s Dental Clinic, New Life Rehabilitation Center, and Saudi Arabia-based Haya Tech Store, to name a few.

“My goal with Rouh Studio is to not only provide local and regional markets with high-quality professional digital marketing services but to create training and employment opportunities for talented young Palestinians and help them build their skills and become part of a growing community of professionals,” says Eman.