Gamiphy - CEO Aws Alnabulsi

Gamiphy - CEO Aws Alnabulsi
14 Aug 2018

Gamification is rapidly becoming a go-to trend in the world of digital marketing. Major companies are adopting gamification technologies to make waiting in lines, learning, and advertisements more interactive, engaging and simply more fun. However, gamification marketing campaigns can be costly and inaccessible to smaller or medium based businesses that do not have the budget to pay. 

Nablus native, Aws Alnabulsi decided to tap into the growing interest small to medium businesses were showing in adopting gamification technologies. With a background in Electrical Engineering from Al-Najah University in Nablus, and over 5 years’ experience working on his own tech oriented startups based in Silicon Valley as well as his home city of Nablus, Aws founded Gamiphy in 2017. With strategic support and resources granted by the Ibtikar Fund, Aws was able to further develop and optimize Gamiphy’s features in preparation to market release. 

Gamiphy is a user engagement and retention platform which offers clients the tools to engage, reach out and retain users. In addition, Gamiphy offers clients a standalone application which makes it easy to access the market through integrated plug-in features and tools to customize their own gamification experience.  Aws explains, “We offer our clients an all-inclusive gamification service with a variety of features including loyalty programs, branded games, quizzes and playable apps, basically anything to keep users engaged and coming back.” 

In addition to Aws the CEO and founder, the Gamiphy team currently consists of 10 members including a CTO, marketing manager, sales team, developers as well as game and web designers. Gamiphy competitively offers SMEs access to the tools to customize their own gamification needs. Aws elaborates, “Bigger companies have the resources to spend lots of money on big gamification marketing campaigns, we make it possible for smaller businesses to compete on the same scale without the high costs.” 

In terms of scope Gamiphy seeks to target markets in different industries, but is currently focusing on the ecommerce sector. The advantage of focusing on the ecommerce sector is the availability of the infrastructure and technology needed to effectively utilize gamification platforms. As Gamiphy continues to gain traction in targeted markets, Aws hopes to further acquire the necessary resources to enlist the services of marketing and sales experts, and product developers needed for further optimization of Gamiphy to meet the needs and demands of new markets. 

When it comes to impact, Gamiphy focuses on helping people efficiently utilize their resources, to access the latest technologies in gamification, a wide variety of optimization features at competitive prices. Not only does Gamiphy create employment opportunities for tech savvy Palestinians, it allows SMEs as well as tech based startups and entrepreneurs to access some of the latest technologies used in big budget campaigns by some of the largest global corporations. Aws explains, “We are exposing developers to newer ways to advertise, and encouraging them to adopt the latest technologies to spur their innovation and creativity.”

Since then, Aws has participated and succeeded in MENACatalyst’s Santiago Pitch Challenge which featured some of Palestine’s most competitive startups. Aws had this to say about his experience in the challenge, “It was great! I was actually pleasantly surprised at the level of innovation displayed by the other startups.” He continues, “After meeting with the other entrepreneurs that participated, I can see a bright and promising future for the tech sector in Palestine.” 

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