Project Launch: Self-employment in a Digital Age

Project Launch: Self-employment in a Digital Age
16 Nov 2020
Project Launch: Self-employment in a Digital Age

Ramallah. Nov. 16, 2020 – MENACatalyst is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest GIZ funded project, “Self-employment in a Digital Age,” in the West Bank, Palestine. The project is inherently innovative as it will generate employment opportunities amongst emerging digital marketers. Not only will our target group benefit and secure their economic well-being by setting up shop from their home, but it will also help businesses and organizations enhance their visibility and viability in local and regional markets.

For women and youth, home-based businesses are fast becoming the norm, especially as COVID-19 continues to transform the way the world does business and connect on a professional and personal level. The project is designed to empower digital marketers with the skills, resources, and networks of support to freelance or set-up their own home-based businesses to ensure they learn what it takes to establish sustainable enterprises that deliver premium quality services to their clients.

Funding is usually the number one barrier standing in the way of emerging businesses. This is why a major component of our project will be to provide procurement support to selected digital marketers to ensure that they have the equipment and strategic tools to launch their home-based businesses.

In order to achieve the greatest impact, we have selected 40 digital marketers amongst marginalized women and youth social groups to ensure that they have access to economic opportunities and become part of a collaborative network of support. To do so, we have recruited a team of mentors from our professionally diverse diaspora community who will team up with a group of selected participants and guide them through their entrepreneurial journey every-step of the way. This partnership will not only help project participants learn from the extensive experience of experts but pave the way for potential business collaborations on new or existing projects. Due to the ongoing social distancing measures enacted in Palestine, MENACatalyst and GIZ are dedicated to ensuring the health, safety, and wellbeing of their beneficiaries, this latest project will be implemented virtually.

To improve the outreach potential of our participating marketers, we will launch a dedicated virtual platform to promote their digital businesses and services and help them secure lucrative collaborations and ultimately reach local and external markets.

This project comes as a continuation of the strategic partnership between GIZ and MENACatalyst, especially after the successful collaboration of our previously implemented project, “Starting Up the Future of Women Driven Enterprise,” in Hebron. The project was implemented virtually during the COVID-19 crises yet was successful due to the dedication of MENACatalyst's implementation team and the motivation of project participants that remained engaged throughout the process.