MENACatalyst Project Launch: Supporting Digital Marketers to Establish Home-Based Businesses

MENACatalyst Project Launch: Supporting Digital Marketers to Establish Home-Based Businesses
18 Dec 2020
MENACatalyst Project Launch: Supporting Digital Marketers to Establish Home-Based Businesses

Palestine, Dec, 16, 2020 – MENACatalyst officially kicked-off their latest GIZ-funded project to empower a new generation of digital marketers with the specialized skills, networks of support, strategic tools, and business services needed to set up their own home-based businesses.

The project is part of GIZ’s Program for Access to the Labor Market (PALM), which revolves around securing the long-term survival of vulnerable groups in the labor market through home-based self-employment.

The project will bring together 40 aspiring digital marketers and connect them with at least two of over 35 dedicated mentors who have signed on to provide their ongoing support and guidance to participants of the program. 

The opening session took place virtually and included introductory remarks from Dietmar Hanzen, GIZ’s advisor for TVET and entrepreneurship. MENACatalyst then welcomed project participants and reflected on the pivotal role digital marketing plays to not only help businesses improve their visibility and viability in targeted markets but also on how this field has the potential to create countless jobs for young Palestinians everywhere.

Known for her work as a mentor and designing and implementing strategic regional programs for youth, with integrated media content focusing on gender equality, diversity, and inclusion, MBC Hope’s Sara Chatila then led a crash course in digital marketing. The course engaged participants with topics that ranged from the evolution of digital marketing and its basics, search engine optimization (SEO), content and social media marketing, among others.

As COVID-19 continues to force thousands to work from home due to ongoing social isolation measures and even city-wide lockdowns, the importance of supporting home-based businesses, cannot be overstated. As the world turns to digital solutions to work, learn, shop, and improve their outreach, the field of digital marketing is growing at unprecedented rates.

MENACatalyst designed this program to support up-and-coming digital marketers who have the motivation and skills yet require access to more specialized knowledge, mentorship, and the business savvy needed to launch their own home-based businesses.

This project is a continuation of MENACatalyst’s successful collaboration with the GIZ on the Hebron entrepreneurial access project, which was responsible for supporting over 20 marginalized women self-starters from the city to access the support services needed to launch income-generating ventures. Both projects have been tailored to address the immediate needs of under-resourced yet skilled youth affected by the ongoing pandemic that is COVID-19.

All capacity building activities, mentorship sessions, and networking opportunities have been optimized for virtual implementation to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.