Empowering a New Generation of Digital Savvy Youth in Palestine

Empowering a New Generation of Digital Savvy Youth in Palestine
01 Jun 2021
Empowering a New Generation of Digital Savvy Youth in Palestine

MENACatalyst’s GIZ funded “Self-Employment in a Digital Age” was a program like no other and helped up-and-coming digital marketers hone in on their skills, learn to identify market opportunities and set up home-based businesses with wide-reaching capabilities across Palestine and the MENA region. The program was launched from November 2020 to the end of April 2021.

The purpose, for women and youth, home-based businesses are fast becoming the norm, especially as COVID-19 continues to transform the way the world does business and connects on a professional and personal level. MC chose to focus on digital marketing as SMEs in Palestine and across the MENA region make up 90 percent of the economic landscape and provides a major source of income and job creation for thousands if not millions.

The project empowered digital marketers with the skills, resources, and networks of support to freelance or set up their own home-based businesses to ensure they learn what it takes to establish sustainable enterprises that deliver premium quality services to their clients. Participants took part in a series of intensive digital marketing training in a range of relevant topics to build their competencies in the field. 

We took mentorship a step further and matched participants to our extensive network of business and industry experts. As such, our group of digital marketers benefited from individually tailored mentorship sessions to develop their skills, build their businesses, and access game-changing market opportunities in Palestine and across the region. However, our goal with the program was to ensure that participating digital marketers could set up shop and reach said market opportunities. We also launched a dedicated marketing platform to help emerging professionals in this field connect with real market opportunities on a local and regional scale.

“MENACatalyst provided me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge and horizons through its digital marketing program. When Covid-19 hit the country, I thought I would never be able to start my business. But with MENACatalyst, Gifts with Kholoud is now up and running and beginning to gain considerable local recognition. Thank you MENACatalyst, for all of your continued support.” – Khuloud Al Basha program participant

“I have learned a lot from MENACatalyst’s digital marketing program. After joining the program, I can now create tailor-made WordPress websites and help clients reach new customers by developing and managing their social media accounts. Ultimately, the program allowed me to refine my skills and further explore the vast field of digital marketing on a professional level.” – Aram Ragheb program participant