MENACatalyst Sweden: MENA Future Entrepreneurs and Innovators Program Launch

MENACatalyst Sweden: MENA Future Entrepreneurs and Innovators Program Launch
02 Jan 2022
MENACatalyst Sweden: MENA Future Entrepreneurs and Innovators Program Launch

MENACatalyst Sweden is excited to announce the launch of MENACodes: Science, technology and innovation (STI) Program for MENA Future Entrepreneurs and Innovators. The wide-reaching program is targeting 120 young enterprising minds from across the region to come together and take part in a virtual incubation program led by a team of digital and entrepreneurial experts from across the globe.

The program comes at a critical junction for the region’s youth as some of the fastest-growing industries have become reliant on digital technologies to spearhead development and innovation. It is important to note that many digital literacy programs in the region are limited in scope and operations and unable to reach underserved youth. There remains a lack of integrated efforts by non-profits and the public sector to work together on strategies to update education mandates and the capacities of schools to deliver digital literacy courses that have an impact on the future of the region’s youth. This is especially relevant when in it comes to STI education as curricula and teaching methods remain traditional at best. In this context, students remain disenfranchised and unable to attain a quality education that prepares them for opportunities within the world of digital development.

Ultimately, the program addresses the need to provide the region’s youth with more advanced digital literacy STEM and STI learning mandates which have become essential for the future of innovation and development across the globe. Outdated learning techniques and rote-learning methodologies currently dominate a majority of the region’s education ecosystem, which lacks the capacity and resources needed to upgrade the curricula and improve learning outcomes. Within this context, it has become crucial to promote an enabling environment that raises awareness about the importance of digital literacy and STEM education while advocating for regional stakeholders to update their approach towards education.

To accomplish this, MENACatalyst Sweden will implement an all-inclusive virtual incubator to help students acquire essential digital literacy tools to access new opportunities and what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur inside and outside of the MENA region. Incubator participants will then put their newfound knowledge to the test and participate in a 3-day intensive hackathon and develop innovative digital solutions that address some of the most pressing issues affecting regional development today. A competition will follow, allowing the young innovators to showcase their efforts to a panel of expert judges and vie for a chance to take their projects to the next level by connecting with global networks of support and mentorship to carry on in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

MENACatalyst Sweden was founded in 2020 and is actively forging new economic bridges between MENA and Sweden-based enterprises. We are currently leveraging the support of key stakeholders, the donor community, leading developmental organizations, academic institutions, and emerging enterprises to spur dynamic cross-border economic opportunities and initiate impactful collaborations that lead to mutual growth prospects. Digitization is another primary focus area for MENACatalyst Sweden, which aims to implement different impact programs across the MENA region.  

To join, head over to the linked program page and click apply now