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Calling all Palestinian entrepreneurs from around the globe!

Apply before, Jan 15, 2020.

MENACatalyst Mastermind Groups

Are you an entrepreneur ready to take your startup or startup idea to the next level? Are you ready to connect with industry experts and a diverse community of like-minded entrepreneurs? Then MENACatalyst’s new Mastermind Groups are for you. 

Our peer-driven Mastermind Groups are aimed at building a community of leading entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers from a diverse range of backgrounds. Group members will virtually convene every week to connect with their mentors as well as their peers to share their business experience and knowledge and expand their professional networks and outreach. Group members will also be expected to develop a set of strategic goals that they will discuss and work through during sessions. 

Each group will be mentored by a diaspora-based business enabler, who has the know-how, networks and access to international markets, needed for startups to develop scalable business models that can compete on a global scale. 

A host of international investors and business enablers will join meetings to offer their take on top priority topics that range from Pitching Strategies, How to Secure Investments, International Market Access, Corporate Partnerships, and Advanced Marketing Techniques. 

Every Week group members will virtually convene and connect with their mentor to share their business experience and knowledge, and if necessary strategic resources to expand their professional networks and outreach. Members are expected to take part in meetings and propose relevant topics for future discussions.  

MENACatalyst is excited to announce the formation of 2 new mastermind groups. For entrepreneurs who have passed the ideation stage, are working to take their startups to the next level and compete in global markets, then apply now to join MENACatalyst’s Growth Stage Mastermind Group. 

Growth Stage Mastermind Group criteria requirements:

 - Have an MVP (minimum viable product).

- Have a committed team.

- Have a steady customer base.

- Thrive in a cooperative environment.

- Remain committed to all virtual meetings.

- Monthly fee of 50 USD.

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