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Palestine Youth Digital Innovators Program

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About the Project

Palestine Youth Digital Innovators Program is a visionary initiative tailored to empower Palestinian youth with essential digital skills and foster innovation. Over a span of 24 months, this program serves as a catalyst for change, equipping young minds with the tools needed to thrive in the digital era.

Targeted Audience:

Palestinian Youth (Ages 11-17)

Our program is designed to engage and enrich Palestinian youth, aged 11-17, across the region. Thanks to its virtual nature, the initiative reaches even the most vulnerable and marginalized youth in Palestine, offering them a unique opportunity for growth and development.


Palestine Youth Digital Innovators Program adopts a comprehensive methodology that encompasses various stages of skill development and innovation cultivation. The program begins with ideation, where participants are guided through the process of conceptualizing innovative project ideas. Through a series of capacity-building training sessions, participants move on to the incubation phase, where they refine their project concepts, enhancing their potential for real-world impact.

Throughout the program's journey, youth benefit from the mentorship of a diverse team of global experts who provide invaluable guidance and support, ensuring that participants have access to the knowledge and insights needed to succeed. This mentorship fosters an environment of collaboration and learning, empowering participants to translate their ideas into actionable projects.

The culmination of the program is the implementation phase, where young innovators bring their projects to life within their communities. Whether it's a community campaign, an innovative mobile application, or other impactful initiatives, participants have the opportunity to make a tangible difference while honing their skills.

This comprehensive approach not only equips Palestinian youth with digital literacy but also nurtures their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and community awareness. It prepares them to become the drivers of positive change in their local and global contexts.


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Project Components
  • Ideation
    Participants are guided through the process of conceptualizing innovative project ideas that address real-world challenges.
  • Incubation
    Participants will receive capacity building training to develop their projects ideas.
  • Mentorship
    A diverse team of global experts provides invaluable mentorship and guidance throughout the program's duration.
  • Implementation
    Participants will launch their innovative projects in their targeted communities.