Our Cause

The unemployment rate in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region) has grown at unprecedented rates over the past years. With the ongoing conflicts throughout the region, the youth have been most profoundly affected. According to the ILO (2015), the MENA region retains the highest youth unemployment rates in the world with around 30 percent of the youth unemployed and rates have continued to worsen since 2012, particularly for young women.

In an effort to tackle this challenge, there are many ongoing projects and initiatives to increase youth entrepreneurship and employment supported by national governments, donors, NGOs and private businesses. However, the majority of these initiatives remain underdeveloped, uncoordinated, and inadequately linked to the private sector. This is mainly due to the the lack of coordination and collaboration between the development stakeholders, as well as the lack of private sector engagement in maintaining constructive dialogue with many other stakeholders and supporting innovative initiatives to tackle the employment challenge.

The effective collaboration among the stakeholders within and across MENA countries is especially important, given the increased complexity and diversity of interests in youth entrepreneurship and employment in the whole MENA region. While some success has been achieved in bringing collaboration and securing the private sector involvement at the country level, it has become increasingly clear that MENA countries currently do not have the full range of tools that would be needed to assure concerted involvement and effective collaboration of all stakeholders within and across countries in the context of the collective efforts to address the emerging youth employment crisis.

Our Challenge!

About Us

MENACatalyst is a regional platform for MENA region vibrant and high impact development and business community, catalyzing their philanthropic movement towards a more strategic, collaborative, business oriented and outcome-focused approach to collaboration. We actively engage both large and small businesses, technologists, nonprofit and donor organizations, workforce and training organizations, local governments, universities, and many others to address the youth employment challenge MENA countries face.

Our Mission

MENACatalyst Foundation is an independent non-profit organization with a mission to develop innovative and viable solutions for youth entrepreneurship and employment within and across MENA countries, through bringing effective, efficient and dynamic partnership collaboration among key development stakeholders.

Our Vision

MENACatalyst Foundation’s vision is to be the primary catalytic platform for development stakeholders in driving collaborative knowledge, scalable ideas, and resources in support of entrepreneurship and employment development in MENA countries.

Our Key Objectives

Build strong collaborative partnerships among key stakeholders within and across MENA countries to take leadership role in youth entrepreneurship and employment development;

Promote innovative solutions, devise proven strategies, and leverage valuable resources and technologies that address the job creation challenge MENA countries face; and

Raise the profile of large and small businesses as vibrant community of impact investing leaders and partners, given their concerted focus on addressing MENA youth employment challenge.

Our Desired Outcomes

inclusive collaborative participation among key stakeholders within and across MENA countries- as emerged and dedicated leadership community.

our stakeholder have more opportunities every day to develop innovative solutions, effect change, promote strategic vision, and leverage expertise as well as technologies and resources to enable scale, efficiency and impact of entrepreneurship and employment initiatives.

increased realization that, along with philanthropy and donors’ aid, private businesses large and small can provide anchor funding in impact enterprises and social initiatives to create new job opportunities.

Advisory Board

Saidah Abbas
CEO of SS Insurance Company, Legal Business Advisor
Hussein Nasser-Eddin
Co-founder of Red Crow Company
Naila Jwealis
Director General of Arab Thought Forum in Jerusalem

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Currently, we exist in Palestine with legal registration as a nonprofit enterprise at the Ministry of National Economy in Ramallah.